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Susanna Storch

Susanna Storch – painter, lives and creates in Mainz. She studied Graphic Design at the University of Applied Arts in Munich, in the years 1981-1986 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz. After graduation she worked as a ceramics and furniture designer, since 1998 she has been dealing solely with painting. Her works were shown at individual and collective exhibitions as well as at artfairs.

“Susanna Storch is an artist who is engaged in an incessant dialogue with the world that surrounds her, but first of all her painting intuition is directed towards men, with their flawed predicament in the world, who fall under the weight of wars and then rise from the fall but not higher than to the level of banal existence. And in Storch’s world there are no surges or delights; her men – trampled with the army boot into desert sand, rolled over by wars, those in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the nightmares of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, which she had intensively depicted in her early “Gegen Krieg” (Against War) painting cycle – now return to their flats, the safe shelters, separated from the world with a window pane, with a curtain, with the line of dried washing in the windows […]. Paintings of Susanna Storch are composed on the basis of photographic studies she makes. The motives that are recorded in this way undergo a pragmatic reconstruction: from the faithful reflections of reality they are turned into artworks. The paintings are saturated with painful void, as Amédée Ozefant understood the concepts. Metaphysics is missing in the life of Susanna Storch. Her human figure seems to be not so much a particle of the universe, but rather a part of a modern “machine for living in”. It lives the present day and constitutes part of the total system, with no need for a brilliant backdrop, without unnecessary fetishes – ornament-free.” Zofia Weiss