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Robert Bubel

Robert Bubel, painter, born in 1968 in Zarki nr Czestochowa, Poland.

Robert studied Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and graduated at prof. Z Grzybowski’s workshop in 1997. He now practises painting, drawing and related techniques.

In his works, Robert uses traditional means of visual expression established in the 20th century. He emphasises the meaning of gesture and expressive smear while studying the relationships between the performances commonly known as figurative and abstract. Robert persistently claims that every painting is abstract. His landscapes are painted with the same passion and emotional commitment as performances showing figures or abstract compositions. Robert often depicts people who are closest to him, whom he arranges like actors on a stage. For Robert, an emotional rapport with every topic is the condition sine qua non in every painting.

At present, 2018, Robert is working on series with the working titles: “Puzzle” and “My place on the Earth”.

Recent exhibits:

June 2009 – ‘NARRACJE’  (NARRATIONS), ‘Moho’ gallery, Cracow, Poland

December 2009 – ‘Art & Go’, group exhibit of Aleph Gallery, Ciudad Real, Spain

September 2010 – ‘Akt’ (Nude), Barwoteka, Cracow, Poland

December 2011 – ‘Elementy. Labirynt.’ (Elements, Labirynth), Modern Art Centre ‘Solvay’, Cracow, Poland

June 2012 – ‘Persons’, International School of Krakow

January 2013 – ‘Persons and places’, Galeria Muzeum Częstochowskiego, Częstochowa

June 2013 – group exhibition ‘STILL NATURE’, Soho Factory, Warsaw,

November 2013 – ‘Stelmachniewicz, Trojanowski, Jaworski, Bubel’, group exhibition, Rossberg Gallery, Nikiszowiec, Poland,

February 2014 – ‘Stories’ , Mostra Gallery, Warsaw

Oktober 2014 – IV Meetings Independent Art, ‘Factory’, Cracow

January 2015 – Exhibition of the II International Painting Competition ‘Contemporary Landscape’, Częstochowa 2015,

29 May 2015 – Solo Exhibition ‘Things Immutable, Things Changeable’, ‘Pasaż’ Gallery, Cracow

27 November 2015 – 17 January 2016 – The 42nd Painting Biennale ‘Bielska Jesień 2015’ /honourable mention ‘Pismo Artystyczne Format’ for the set of works/

25 June 2016 – 25 July 2016 – Exhibition of the 2nd Painting Competition of L. Wyczolkowski, Bydgoszcz, Poland, II Prize;

August 2016 – September 2016 – ‘Is everything that surrounds us’ – individual exhibition, ‘Beatifull Dog’ Gallery, Cracow, Poland,

September 2016 – ‘On the other side of the mirror’, individual show, ‘MashRoom’, Cracow, Poland,

September 2016 – ‘In Search of Forgotten Places’, individual exhibition, Sandhofer Galerie, Salzburg, Austria,

February 2017 – ‘Pieces of the Mirror’, individual exhibition, 4 Styles Fundation Gallery, Cracow, Poland,

April 2017 –  “Kroke. Journey beyond the horizon”, individual exhibition with KROKE band, Cracow Opera House, Poland,

April 2017 – ‘Glimpses’, individual exhibition, Zofia Weiss Gallery, Cracow, Poland,

May 2017 – ‘A Warehouse of Miracles’, ‘Pro Arte’ Gallery, Zielona Gora, Poland,

May 2017 – ‘Beautiful Painters’, collective exhibition, curator Agula Swoboda, ’12’ Gallery, Cieszyn, Poland,

August 2017 – ‘To, co nas szczelnie otacza’, indywidual exhibition, Wspólna’ Gallery, MCK Bydgoszcz, Poland,

November 2017 –  January 2018 – Exhibition of The 43nd Painting Biennale ‘Bielska Jesień 2017’, Bielsko-Biala, Poland;

Februar 2018 – ‘Quiet days, quiet nights’, individual exhibition in Gallery of Contemporary Art in Bielsko-Biała, Galeria Bielska BWA, Poland,

25 May 2018 – group exhibition ‘1’, of ‘No Name Project’/’Projekt O Nieznanym Tytule’, Dystans Gallery, Cracow, Poland,

10-15 July 2018 – group exhibition ‘2’ of ‘No Name Project’/’Projekt O Nieznanym Tytule’, SLOT ART FESTIVAL, Lubiąż n/Wroclaw, Poland,

July 2018 – group exhibition ‘3’ of ‘No Name Project’/’Projekt O Nieznanym Tytule’, Desa Unicum Gallery, Warsaw, Poland,

September 2018 – ‘Games and fun’, individual exhibition; CCA Solvay, Cracow, Poland.

October 2018 – group exhibition of the Cracow Art Salon,