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Aleksander Fesjuk (Fesyuk)

Aleksander Fesjuk (Fesyuk) – (real name – Khvesyuk) – was born on October 26, 1914 in St. Petersburg. In 1925 he settled in Melitopol, where he lived and worked.

He graduated from the Pedagogical University of Melitopol with a drawing teacher diploma. Two years later, in 1936, he began studying at the Odessa Art School. The plans of the young artist were interrupted by the Great Patriotic War. In 1941, A. Fesjuk was sent to the front, where he served as an official in the regiment’s headquarters. In August 1945 he was sent to the Far East to take part in hostilities with Japan. At the end of 1945 A. Fesjuk returned to his native Melitopol, where he worked in schools as a drawing teacher. In the years 1957–1958 he ran a studio at the Palace of Culture. He raised and supported many talented Melitopol artists. He was a member of the literary association LITO named after P. Lovetsky.

He is called an artist of poetry and a poet of painting. He often showed his works at various exhibitions. After the death, most of Aleksander Fesjuk’s works went to the local Melitopol Museum. In 2014, Sergei Awdeenko’s book was published about the life and work of the painter.